Hi, my name is Kai.

I am a young herbalist, baker, and cook.

Today, I am selling a fire cider that I made and bottled.

About Serrated Fire Cider

I decided to make a fire cider because we are entering the season where a lot of people are getting sick.

Fire Cider helps with three things:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Builds your immune system
  • Soothes throats and eases coughs

I picked hawthorn berries and elderberries near my home and put them into the fire cider with other store bought ingredients, and made in my back yard. The fruits infused for a full moon cycle before bottling with pure honey.

You can take a half teaspoon (or more) every day, but you can also use it in the kitchen. My mom makes a delicious viniagrette with it.

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My fire cider is made with high quality ingredients, wishes for your health and vitality, and a lot of love!

All fruits and vegetables are used in the extraction before being strained out of the final product.

This product is gluten-free, nut-free, and vegetarian. It is not vegan because of the honey.

White Onions

White onions are roughly chopped with the skin on


Bright, fresh oranges are roughly chopped with the peel left on

HabaƱero Peppers

Diced habaƱeros bring the heat, but I didn't use too many!


Fresh, rich garlic is an awesome immune booster


This hearty root is great for the sinuses


A beautiful root that helps reduce inflammation

Hawthorn Berry

I hand-harvested hawthorn from local trees for heart health and vitality


My dad cut bunches of elderberry from a local tree and

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar extracts the good stuff from each of the solid ingredients and creates the final product

Pure Honey

Adding honey to a fire cider technically creates an oxymel, and more importantly, makes it taste better!


Do you want to see pictures of the process?

  • All
  • Harvest
  • Making
  • Steeping
  • Bottling

2021 Skill Share

We did a skill share for friends in 2021, and I learned I really love making medicine!

Elderberry and Hawthorn

The two ingredients that we harvested wild this year.

Harvesting Hawthorn

We harvested hawthorn from our neighborhood and around Majestic View Park.

Adding Berries

After cleaning and chopping the fruits and vegetables, they are packed into jars.

Filling Jars

Each jar gets a balanced number of ingredients for just the right formula.

Tumeric Hands

Tumeric will stain your hands for a couple days if you don't wear gloves. I like that.

Ready for Vinegar

Solid ingredients are ready for the vinegar to be added!

Now We Wait

Once added, the vinegar needs a full moon cycle (28 days) to extract the goodness from the other ingredients.

Color Change

After a few days, the cider really starts to take on the color of the ingredients.


The color changes, but we need to be patience for the vinegar to do its work. The color will continue to deepen.


Between one and two moon cycles, the vinegar should be strained out. Left too long, the fruits will break down further, making the cider too bitter.

Sample Ready

It's important to sample your medicine for flavor and for health.

Field Testing

We bottled some samples for our community to help them fight an illness. Feedback was great!

Honey QA

Fire cider without honey is a medicinal vinegar, but with honey, it makes a tasty oxymel. Frequent samples help you get the flavor just right.

Bottles for Market

All the fire cider oxymel bottled, cleaned, and ready for labels!

Measuring Elderberry

Measuring the result of the elderberry harvest.


My fire cider is bottled in two quantities for you.

Elderberry Syrup Kit


  • 1 pint jar
  • Elderberries
  • Clove, cinnamon, star anise
  • Dry ingredients only
  • Make-at-home kit
  • Includes instructional 'zine
  • Fund raiser for my school

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, this is more of a potentially-asked-questions section.